Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend marks the end of August and the beginning of the golden light of fall.

Van Bibber Open Space Park

Fall brings a golden light to those willing to find it.

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Organic peppers at the market.

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Orchids at King Super


King Soopers had these blue orchids for $30. Phone flash muted the color of closest one.
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3

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Heritage High Gym Floor

Andrew applies the send coat of Hillyard 1907 to the Heritage High School gym using the Multi-Flo applicator.Heritage High School Gym Hillyard 1907 Application

Gary Smith and crew did a great job preparing the floor. Their pride of ownership shows in their work.

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Bluegrass Update

The Bluegrass Battles Hunger has a new site. WordPress is driving the site now in the hopes it will reduce the time required to keep it up to date. The annual Bluegrass Battles Hunger event benefits the Second Harvest Community Food Bank.

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Former Talcott Brothers Mill


Talcott Brothers Mill

Abandoned Textile Mill

Built in 1870, the Talcott Brothers Mill was a textile mill built in Talcottville CT.

I found the building intriguing the first time I saw it. This link contains more information about the building and the Talcottville Historic District.

Full image is here.

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Mill On The River


Great lunch or diner in Manchester Connecticut.

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Manhattan NY

This trip to Manhattan was different. Instead of careful landscapes, I shot hundreds of exposures of people and places from the hip, rarely lifting the camera to my eye. Most people notice the camera but don’t care.

Click here to view the entire Manhattan gallery.

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Central Park Window


We’re enjoying a fabulous Easter weekend break in Manhattan.

So far, I’ve captured 437 images, mostly of people on the street.

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Inventory day


We used RF guns to scan materials for the SAP conversion. While the St Joe DC uses RF guns, this is the first branch to use them. RoVic used RF guns for years. The new guns have improved battery life and scan at much farther distances.

Over ten weeks of preparation with scarcely a day off the past two months. Monday marks the next project phase. Go live!

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